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DIY: Slipcover Solution

I find myself in a constant battle with my sofa slipcover.

I want it to stay on. In a tidy fashion. It wants to become a hot mess of fabric that entangles the occupants of the sofa.

I’ve tried different suggestions to prevent this entanglement- tucking the slipcover in tightly, inserting varying sizes of wood boards in the crevices. They have not worked. They have also caused some bruises (I forgot the wood boards were in the creases).

It got to the point that I was having to re-tuck the cover everyday for it to look somewhat decent. And even then, after sitting on it once, it would become a mess.

My patience and back had enough! I present to you, a solution.

It requires about 30 minutes of your time, or at least that’s how long it took me. Keep in mind, I was pausing for kodak moments. Also, it may require a quick trip to your local sewing store for simple supplies.

What you need: scissors, needle, thread (I would recommend quilting thread because it is stronger), hook-n-eyes, and basic understanding of how to operate a thread and needle.

1. Find the corner seams of your slipcover that tucks down between the sofa and the cushions and attach a hook in each corner.

I like to double up my threads for extra thickness and fewer stitches. Go through each loop about 4 times. Keep in mind the direction of how you place the hook. It should go up the seam, so that it may catch the eye when down. Look at the picture for a reference.

3. Attach eyes to the inner corner of your piece of furniture.

Again, use a double threaded needle and go through each loop about 4 times. The eye should be facing out, to allow for the hook to catch. Look at the picture for a reference.

4. Place hooks into the respective eyes.

5. Tuck slipcover as you normally would and enjoy!

Before, after about a day of sitting on it. Can you tell which side I like to sit on?

Now, after! Maybe minus the well placed pillows 🙂

I hope this alleviates your slipcover woes!

Just a little note. Depending on the size of the furniture, you may want to add another hook-n-eye to the center of the slipcover and the sofa.

Let me know how it works out for you, in the comments below.



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