8 Tips on How to Pack for a Road Trip


8 tips on how to pack for a road trip

I recently went on Texan road trip for my summer vacation. And it was amazing. I am still in mourning that it’s over. I actually cried the night I returned. That is not that uncommon in all honesty. I find myself crying when I’m happy, sad, overwhelmed, and sometimes for no reason at all.

But I digress.

Traveling has always been something I loved. The entire process of it. The actual going from point A to B, the exploration of a destination, eating different food, and meeting people that make up a community. This is why my preferred method of travel is by road.

The only part that I truly despise is the packing. I HATE  to pack. This past trip actually landed me in tears trying to pack. See the above statement of my crying probes, this one falls under the category of overwhelmed.

Here are some of my helpful tips on how to pack for a successful road trip, so you don’t end up in tears:

1. Make a list of planned activities

This will show you what kind of clothes you need to bring. Athletic for outdoor activities, dressy for nights out, transitional outfits for day to night plans, and so on.

Once I had a game plan of what my days looked like I started pulling pieces that could mix and match easily. A navy cardigan that could go with everything, khaki shorts that could be paired with any shirt, tops that could be worn with at least 2 bottoms that I brought- this essentially resulted in a mini fashion show for myself.

2. Keep shoes and accessories to a minimum

Find 1 or 2 comfortable pairs of shoes that can work with everything that you bring. Shoes are bulky and take up valuable packing space.

I love accessories. However, I keep them to a minimum when traveling. It’s too easy for jewelry to get tangled or misplaced when traveling, so I try to pick a couple of pieces that I can wear everyday with every outfit that I bring. If it’s on me, there is a much lower chance of it getting lost.

3. Bring a little extra

Work in 1 extra outfit for any surprise plans or accidents that could happen. I would recommend something versatile, like a jersey dress, that could easily be styled and transition for any activity.

Also, extra undies are never a bad idea. You can never have too many. I would say socks fall in to that category as well.

4. Plan your under garments

Ladies, we all know that different clothes require different bras and underwear. Be sure to pack a t-shirt bra, a nude bra, and an athletic bra if need be. Double check your outfits to see if you need slips, spanx, and any other sort of shaping garments for your clothes.

5. Make a list of toiletry and other non clothing items you need to bring.

Write down all of the different items you will need: toothbrush, facewash, body wash, sunscreen, chargers, and this list goes on. I find making a list acts as a checklist and helps avoid forgetting to pack these simple things that are sometimes easy to forget in the chaos of trying to pack.

6. Plan for meals on the road

Planning to eat at a restaurant for every meal on the road is not realistic. There may not be a dining establishment within 100 miles of you when your hunger chooses to strike. Because of this, I recommend packing an ice chest and dry food bag. You will wind up using both. I like this list on ideas of healthy foods to pack for a road trip.

7. Don’t forget the paper products.

Bring a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, and a pack of wipes. Between these 3 items it can cover a multitude of problems that may arise: spills, meal cleanup, tableware replacement , human cleanup, and so on.

8. Map.

I know most of us have smart phones and/or  GPS systems in our vehicles these days, but none of this beats a trusty map. Rand McNally could possibly become your best friend on the trip.

I hope this list helps you to avoid stress and tears in your packing process. Let me know of any packing tips I may have missed!


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