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Deceptively Flannel (An Original Design)


fall look of berry tones and mixture of materials

There is a little bit of a story that goes with this skirt.

During my college days, I was in search of a wool fabric for a class project. I found this eggplant colored flannel cashmere and fell in love. It was more than I could afford AND my professor had advised against choosing a flannel for this particular project. I was fully prepared to walk away from the beautiful fabric, but only after I had spent a fair amount of time caressing the bolt. It feels amazing, y’all.

Enter my dad. Let’s back track a little. I could not find a fabric that would work locally, so my dad offered to take me to Houston for the weekend to search. Right there, world’s best dad. But then he stepped it up an even bigger notch and insisted on buying this fabric for me. He saw how much I liked it and got me a yard to just have.

I kept the fabric folded and tucked away for a couple of years contemplating what I wanted to do with it. It went through a cycle of being a skirt I didn’t really like. I wore it once or twice and then tucked it away again to await what I really wanted to do with it. Finally, last year, I decided what I wanted to make! A simple skirt with a leather band around the bottom.

deceptively flannel cashmere skirt in eggplant with faux leather band

eggplant cashmere flannel skirt with faux leather band

In all honesty, I would like the skirt to be a smidge longer, but it was all the fabric I had left to work with. Overall, I really love how it turned out. And last year, I got my wear out of this bad boy and I look forward to it for this season as well!

eggplant flannel skirt with faux leather border

For this look, I paired the skirt with a cranberry sweater and my leopard flats. Over the past couple of years I have found myself obsessed with the red and purple combination. It just looks so yummy!

There’s my little story on how this skirt came to be 🙂 Just in time for an always fun link up for The Creative Closet with Maegen and Jana.

What I am wearing:
Old Navy sweater (similar), Erin’s Notions skirt, Nine West Flats (similar), New York & Company cardigan (similar)


12 thoughts on “Deceptively Flannel (An Original Design)

  1. I love this skirt, it has such a great story. I am new at appreciating fashion. I really enjoy learning about the creative process behind a piece. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Wow! Your skirt turned out amazing! I think adding the leather at the bottom was such a smart move–super chic and just the tiniest bit edgy. What a fun story behind your skirt! 🙂

  3. Oh Erin! You never cease to amaze me! You really have a great eye and are extremely talented! I love the skirt and offically want one!! 🙂

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