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The Whole House

One of the most difficult things I find about blogging is naming each post. I wonder if other bloggers struggle with this as well? We are well into the new year at this point and I am finding myself struggling with the fact that it is a new year. 2018 passed like a flash and… Continue reading The Whole House

For the Home

Holiday Brain

Please forgive the composition of this post, my brain is having trouble formulating proper sentence structure and words. I have deemed it holiday brain. I did not want holiday brain to prevent me from sharing this latest project though, because it is actually time/ season appropriate! A few months ago, David and I sat down… Continue reading Holiday Brain



I last left you with a large hole in my ceiling being covered by poster board. It may have taken a while (3 attempts, but who’s counting) but I am happy to report that I am writing this post sans poster board. After A LOT of discussion of how we wanted to close our new… Continue reading Closure

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Attic Antics

Not all projects are what you would call sexy. Scratch that. I have yet to run into a house project that I would classify as sexy. However, working in and around your attic is what I would classify as really not sexy. We have chosen to prioritize each project in not what is immediately pretty,… Continue reading Attic Antics

For the Home

Coordination is Key

I finally made fabric decisions for my master bedroom. It is exciting and relieving! This may seem like a silly statement to make. I do this for a living. Why is this a big deal– I coordinate rooms for people every day? However, as I tell my customers, making decisions for yourself is a real… Continue reading Coordination is Key


We Paint!

Confession- fixing up your house whilst also running a business and managing a personal life is a lot. It doesn’t leave much down time for fun side hobbies, say blogging, and when time does free up binging Netflix on the sofa becomes incredibly appealing. That being said, I just returned from a much needed vacation… Continue reading We Paint!


Sand it like you mean it…

I didn’t mean to disappear on you for that long. A mix of allergies, sinus infections, and bronchitis has decided to attack me this spring. On a completely separate thread from the intent of this blog, if anyone has any suggestions on remedies- I am all ears! Now back to my fixer upper! One of… Continue reading Sand it like you mean it…