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Top It Off

Over the years I have noticed that there are trends in work that comes my way. It’s a rather fascinating sort of movement. How is that all my clients are in need of roman shades at the same time? Are there little signals being sent out to us in the world that we all need… Continue reading Top It Off


My Lucky Jacket

Another appropriate titles for this post would be “Look Ma! Real Pants!” I have decided to remove the past week from the records of my life. It began with me being violently ill and ended with David recovering most likely from whatever I had. That’s love folks. The passage of sickness to your caregiver. Did I… Continue reading My Lucky Jacket


The What Gala

Do you ever find yourself looking at fashion events and thinking “What?” I have those feelings on the Met Gala. I love fashion. Shit. I’ve made it part of my livelihood. But I do not love what comes out of some of these fashion events. I get that designers and the famous people in attendance… Continue reading The What Gala