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Put a Hat on It

I don’t typically wear hats. I find a lot of times they look strange on me and end up making me look like a dude. I love them on other people though. Let me state that clearly. They can be really fun and make an outfit. They can also cover up really bad hair days…… Continue reading Put a Hat on It


8 Tips on How to Pack for a Road Trip

  I recently went on Texan road trip for my summer vacation. And it was amazing. I am still in mourning that it’s over. I actually cried the night I returned. That is not that uncommon in all honesty. I find myself crying when I’m happy, sad, overwhelmed, and sometimes for no reason at all.… Continue reading 8 Tips on How to Pack for a Road Trip


Road Trippin’

My lack of posts recently can be attributed to an awesome road trip I just took. It was amazing, revitalizing, inspiring, and every other word to denote good things. Because of this, I decided to share some of it with you. Also, it inspired a post on how to pack for such a trip. Be… Continue reading Road Trippin’