My feelings at this moment are readiness. I wrote about not believing in clean slates for the start of each year at the beginning of 2015. I guess the beauty of posting your words on the internet for all to see is to be able to completely contradict yourself later. I am ready for 2016.… Continue reading Ready

For the Home


Up until recently I would have classified myself as a Christmas Scrooge. I thought the holiday was too commercialized, too rushed, too chaotic, and my list would have gone on forever. I hated Christmas music, except for N’SYNC Christmas. But I listen to N’SYNC Christmas year round so that doesn’t really count. But now, I… Continue reading Ornamentation

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Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot

Before delving into this post, I want to start by giving respect to the bloggers that make their photoshoots look good. You know the ones. They look stunning and confident walking down a street with sunglasses and purse in toe, onlookers don’t even phase them. Teach a class on how you do this. I would… Continue reading Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot



I seriously considered starting this blog post with quoting Adele’s song “Hello.” It would have been fitting. It has been a little while since we last caught up, but I am back now. I hope that is good news to you. If not, I am at least happy to be┬áback. One thing you may notice… Continue reading Hello