The Cinderella Project

What the hell is the Cinderella Project? So glad you asked 🙂 The Cinderella Project was started 7 years ago under the guidance of Lacey Shelton (my sister and then Assistant Director of AmeriCorps) and her co-worker Cheryl Bryant (Administrative Assistant). It began as a group project among the team members as a way to make… Continue reading The Cinderella Project


DIY: Glitter Sneakers

Today we are celebrating Mardi Gras in South Louisiana. What better way to honor the occasion than with some bedazzling of sneakers? I got this idea originally from one of my favorite blogs, Merrick’s Art. She did a post on glittering a pair of pumps and it sparked the idea of trying this on a… Continue reading DIY: Glitter Sneakers


Easy Dress Refashion: Front Pleat

This may be the easiest and most transformative refashion I have ever done. So easy in fact that I undid and redid it for this post. Trust me when I say that means something. I loathe redoing work. I bought this dress about 2 years ago at the wonderful Target for I think somewhere in… Continue reading Easy Dress Refashion: Front Pleat


Real Talk

Recently I found myself doubting myself, my physical being. And it was awful. I landed in my husband’s arms crying, asking if how I looked was okay. I have always been thin. For the life that I have known that has been my genetic makeup. With being thin people have always felt the need to… Continue reading Real Talk


Sparkles and Sneakers

I find myself in New Orleans yet again! I swear I do not come to this city that often. My parents just happened to invite us along for some museum action. History nerds unite! We are checking out the new addition to the WWII museum. My dad is a member… I do come by my… Continue reading Sparkles and Sneakers

For the Home

DIY: Furniture Refinishing

Have you ever found that you go through phases in your life of what you seem to prioritize? I am currently going through one such phase where all I can think about is maximizing storage space. Ever since David and I moved under one roof and are consolidating our belongings it is becoming clear that… Continue reading DIY: Furniture Refinishing