For the Home

Coordination is Key

I finally made fabric decisions for my master bedroom. It is exciting and relieving!

This may seem like a silly statement to make. I do this for a living. Why is this a big deal– I coordinate rooms for people every day? However, as I tell my customers, making decisions for yourself is a real challenge. It’s personal. It’s an investment. It’s something you will look at every day. It’s easy for me to guide others because I am removed of emotion in making those decisions. I can look at things with a strict eye for what looks good. Period.

Now, when making decisions for myself, things get tricky. I love fabric. I love pretty things. And I like a variety of pretty things- i.e. lots of different fabrics. How do I whittle it down to 1 look with all the pretty fabrics in the world??? Well, it took me about a year and half and a lot of back and forth, but I did it!

My original thought for out master bedroom is that I wanted something tranquil and quiet. What did I do to start that look? I bought this rug. Not exactly what you would call quiet. It is full of strong color and pattern and I just fell in love when we found it.

Coordinating Fabrics for Master Bedroom

My game plan was to still pick soft fabric for the window treatments and let the rug make the statement in the room. Well, every time I looked at something neutral it just made me sad. I realized after multiple attempts at different neutral options (solids, tone on tone patterns, soft color patterns) I am not a neutral person. I like color. I like pattern. I am not content without color and pattern around me. It gives me inspiration and energy. Without it I tend to feel a bit drab. That’s not to say that neutral is not beautiful. I think neutral rooms are sophisticated and lovely. They are just not for me. And I finally had to accept this.

So. My decisions!

Coordinating fabrics for master bedroom.

I went back to my first love- pattern mixing. This main fabric is something I instantly fell in love with. Just like my rug. It is a bit whimsical and playful. It is in my color palette. And the graphics are bold and clean. The animal print was too adorable to not include in the fun and will be used as an accent to tame the palette a little bit. And the floral sheer is another soft pattern that I thought would be a fun element to balance out the look.

Cheers to finally making a decision and to being able to tear down paper shades!



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