Casual Flare

  Most days I work from home. Which, for the most part, is a nice luxury. Lately, though, I have found that I miss wearing regular clothes. That sounds strange. Let me back track. I work from home translates into I wear t-shirts and sweats on the days I stay at home. On fancy days,… Continue reading Casual Flare


How to Care for Your Vintage Clothing

As previously promised, I wanted to share with you how to maintain and care for your vintage goods. Different from our modern day counterparts, vintage clothing is usually much more delicate and needs to be handled with that in mind. I am a bit of a laundry snob myself. Strangely, I pride myself on this.… Continue reading How to Care for Your Vintage Clothing


2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle

I have had this dress for 8ish years. You could say it’s a favorite. It’s just this past year that I found I was reaching for it less than usual. Then I realized it was due to the length. I no longer desired the longer length, it was proving to be less flexible in its… Continue reading 2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle



This picture sums up everything in my brain when taking pictures for this blog. All kinds of awkward. I love this picture for how honestly it depicts my emotions. Someone drove up while David was snapping these and this was my immediate reaction. I have always been uncomfortable with taking posed pictures. It’s awkward. You… Continue reading Bloopers

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Put a Hat on It

I don’t typically wear hats. I find a lot of times they look strange on me and end up making me look like a dude. I love them on other people though. Let me state that clearly. They can be really fun and make an outfit. They can also cover up really bad hair days…… Continue reading Put a Hat on It



The idea of opinions has been weighing on my mind lately. Everyone has one, I think we all know the saying “Opinion are like assholes, everybody has one.” This got me thinking of why you, the readers of this blog, should listen to or trust mine. I am not going to answer this by justifying my… Continue reading Opinionated


A Little Bit Vintage

If there is one thing to know about me, it would be that I love all things with a story and history behind them. I am a total history nerd- I am currently reading 2 books about historic figures. Nerd. I proudly accept and own this title. This is why I could not pass up the… Continue reading A Little Bit Vintage