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DIY: Slipcover Solution

I find myself in a constant battle with my sofa slipcover. I want it to stay on. In a tidy fashion. It wants to become a hot mess of fabric that entangles the occupants of the sofa. I’ve tried different suggestions to prevent this entanglement- tucking the slipcover in tightly, inserting varying sizes of wood… Continue reading DIY: Slipcover Solution


Why Your Hair Matters

Yes, I got a haircut. I now have bangs and a lot less split ends. Shout out to my girl, Jeanne, at Glo! You may be wondering why am I telling you this? The answer- hair donation. Most of the early years of my life I spent in constant turmoil with my hair. I tried… Continue reading Why Your Hair Matters


The Creative Closet, Pattern Mixing

Today, I’m mixing it up. Pattern style! That sounds cheesy, let’s attribute that to an awesome Harry Potter pun list I recently read. Mixing patterns is one of my favorite things to do. I love color. I love fabric. I love playing with design. I guess this is why mixing different patterns together is something… Continue reading The Creative Closet, Pattern Mixing

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An Original Design, My Twirly Dress

This past year I decided I needed to start dedicating more time to personal projects. My table cover project that I shared with you last week was 1 of 2 I’ve done this year. Both projects have been for my apartment though. And while I do love this kind of work, my main love is… Continue reading An Original Design, My Twirly Dress


1 Dress, Styled Day to Night

It is a personal goal of mine to wear only one outfit per day. I hate the idea of having to change and dirty another outfit for just a few hours of wear. Most likely, I will spill something on myself in those few hours. Removing┬áthe possibility of re-wearing that outfit. This is just my… Continue reading 1 Dress, Styled Day to Night


Pinterest, Y’all

I know I am a little late on this, but I’m on Pinterest! Okay, maybe a lot late on this. Anyhow, it’s happened. And┬ámuch to my own surprise, I love it. It really is as wonderful as everyone talked about. My main concern was that it was just a tool for people to copy original… Continue reading Pinterest, Y’all

For the Home

Home Project- Turning a Workspace into a Fashionable Piece of Furniture

  This weekend I got crafty. Not that that is unusual, as being crafty is kind of my profession. I should amend this statement to, I got crafty for a personal project! Always exciting, as I rarely get to make something for myself. Doesn’t the saying go, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”? With the… Continue reading Home Project- Turning a Workspace into a Fashionable Piece of Furniture