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A Progress Report

I stated in my goals for 2016 that I was making my sister’s wedding dress, my bridesmaid dress, and my mom’s mother of the bride dress.

This is ALL I am working on right now. Not really. I am doing my regular work and doing these other things along side that. I’m not stressed. Or waking up at 4 a.m. having minor panic attacks. Or sewing at 4:30 in the morning because I can’t get back to sleep.

Or maybe I am stressed and have done those above things. Despite the stress, I wouldn’t have it any other way. My sister is, well, there are really no words fitting to describe the wonderful person she is. So instead of trying to find the words, I am making her a beautiful dress for her special day as a thank you for her existence.

We’ll start with my least amount of work and move up.

My Mom’s Dress.

It has not been started and may not get started 😦 I am a bit heartbroken by the idea. I have never made a garment for my mom before and was looking forward to making her something beautiful and unique. She however sat me down and told me she didn’t think I had the time to do it. I didn’t want to accept this as a reality. But she’s probably right. As she almost always is. So, “we shall see” is the status update on that one.

My Dress.

I have had this dress designed since I found the fabric in college. I saw this print and thought: tea length, tea party dress.

Original Design

Lacey let all of her bridal party pick whatever we wanted to wear. I immediately thought of this fabric and dress that has been waiting for years to be made. She gave me her seal of approval and now the other 2 ladies in the bridal party have picked their dresses off the colors in mine. That worked out well 🙂

As of now, I have the bodice pattern made. Woop! The corset is made! And part of the bodice is made. That cream sticking out at the bottom will be covered, worry not.

Original Design

I originally envisioned this dress having straps, but as it is coming together it may end up taking a strapless turn. I don’t typically do strapless because I do not have the boobs to hold it up, but I am feeling more confident with the corset in place.

Lacey’s Dress

You don’t get pictures of the actual dress yet. Can’t ruin the surprise silly 😉 But you can have pictures of her fabric!

Fabric, Lace, and Velvet Ribbon for wedding dress

Isn’t it gorgeous. Her lace looks like her. It’s perfect.

As for the progress. It is very much looking like a dress. Which is a wonderful feeling for me, and I am sure her. It would be weird to have a naked bride walking down the aisle.



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