My Lucky Jacket

spring time outfitAnother appropriate titles for this post would be “Look Ma! Real Pants!”

I have decided to remove the past week from the records of my life. It began with me being violently ill and ended with David recovering most likely from whatever I had. That’s love folks. The passage of sickness to your caregiver.

Did I mention that the rest of my family was sick too? Good times.

Anyway. This jacket. I love this jacket. I consider it to be my lucky jacket.

spring time lookFor starters, I got it on sale. At Anthropologie. That’s like the mega jackpot of sale finds.

Then, I wore it to David and I’s immigration interview last year. I was literally sick with nerves and fretting about every detail of paperwork, possible questions, and of course… what to wear. I decided to go with something that I felt comfortable and confident it.

What could be worse in a situation like that then fidgeting with your outfit? Well, lots of things, but no need to make things worse with needless squirming.

This jacket provided me with some much needed confidence that day. Maybe it’s because of that amazing memory or maybe it’s because this is an awesome jacket, either way, this piece has become a go to when I am in need of an outfit quickly.

spring time casual outfitI can, and have, thrown it on over almost any shirt and jean combo and it looks great. I look pulled together with no effort at all. And I am discovering it is a great print for pattern mixing.

I am not really sure what it is about this particular pattern that pairs so easily with a spectrum of different colors and scales of design. I am definitely not arguing with it though. Don’t mess with success. Or successful pattern mixing.

pattern mixing jacket and shirt

spring time jacket and pattern mixing


2 thoughts on “My Lucky Jacket

    1. Hahaha! It is usually a balance of scale- a dominant print to a small coordinating pattern- with a common denominator of a color. A good way to dip your toe in the water is a stripe or polka dot with almost anything, or even each other! You should definitely give it another whirl, it’s one of my favorite ways of styling a look 🙂

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