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Put a Hat on It

Put a Hat on It

I don’t typically wear hats. I find a lot of times they look strange on me and end up making me look like a dude. I love them on other people though. Let me state that clearly. They can be really fun and make an outfit. They can also cover up really bad hair days… that’s when I envy people that can pull hats off the most.

I am writing this post from a long weekend vacation at the beach. What that means:

  1.  This post will be a little short.
  2.  I am morally opposed to wearing makeup or fixing my hair at the beach.
  3. I wear hats at the beach

Primping of any sort is not going to happen. Sunglasses and hats are your best friend for these moral standings on beauty. Which is why I enjoy a good floppy hat on the beach. They cover places you don’t think to put sunscreen: hair lines, ears, eyelids. It also makes it easier to sit out and read because they act as an extra defense against the reflective brightness of the sand. But mainly, they cover up my crazy hair and lack of makeup.

So I present to you my look from the beach for another link up with Life could be a Dream and The Modern Tulip for The Creative Closet.

beach style with floppy hats

floppy hats for the beach

One thing to add, a good accessory to any beach look is a great book. I have picked up Tina Fey’s, Bossypants. It’s fantastic. That’s all.

What I am wearing: JCPenney coverup no longer available (similar), hat was a gift several years back (similar)



8 thoughts on “Put a Hat on It

  1. I also try not to wear make up and do my hair when we go to the beach, so a big floppy hat and sunglasses are a must! I love the all blue outfit and how it matches the water so perfectly! You look great!

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