Buy what you Love & Love what you Buy.

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Today I want to focus on my favorite tip to give people who are having trouble making decisions.

Here it is people, buy what you love.

Focus your energy and dollars on buying things that you love. Few of us have extra time and money to go around searching for things and debating over decisions. So make it easier on yourself and your pocket book buy getting items that you really like.

My suggestion is to not try and buy everything at once. Rather, acquire things over time as you find them and really like them. And stop worrying about if everything will work together. Because it will, I promise.

Let’s delve into this idea a little further because I know it may seem a little scary to some people. Buy what you love even if you don’t know what you are going to do with it? What?! Are you crazy?

The idea is not crazy. Hear me out.

The idea of focusing your energy and funds on purchasing items that you really enjoy and love is great. I think we could all agree there? It’s the notion of not having a direct use, place, and/or coordinating items to go with it that is probably terrifying to people.

Let’s think about this though. If you make it a general guideline when buying something to really love it, then everything or almost everything you have will be what is truly representative of you. Meaning, it will end up working together because it is all true to your taste.

It will also have a story to tell about you because you most likely acquired these items throughout your life in different places, under different circumstances, and with different stories and memories to go with each thing. Those items will suddenly mean something to you and have a personal connection to you and your life.

When flipping through a magazine, you probably find you are drawn to similar things over and over again. Right? Things in the same color family. Things in the same genre of style.

Better yet, go take a look at the pinterest boards you’ve been pinning of your dream home or closet. There’s a theme there I bet.

Now imagine if you focused on purchasing just those things that you really love rather than just buying stuff. Not only would you save money by not having to constantly replace the disposable items you got to make do, but you would actually be surrounded by things representative of who you are. Thus creating a style!

I practice what I preach. I make it a point to incorporate this in to my own decision making.


floral skirt

I bought this skirt a few months ago because I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. It just made me happy when I looked at it. I didn’t really think about what I would be able to wear with it until after I was out of the store. Then I started worrying about if I would have to spend more money to find something to go with it. I still doubt this from time to time too. It was silly though, because sure enough, when I got home I had lots of things that already looked great with it. Thus began my mini fashion show for myself. (I pretty much do that anytime I get a new anything to wear)


Another example I have may look a little familiar to readers of my last post. It is an old window frame with postcards between a young couple in love in the 1920’s. I found this when I was in college, living at my parents house, and had absolutely no place for it. I bought it anyway because I instantly fell in love with it. I did end up refinishing the frame, but I saw past that. I just connected with the piece and knew it needed to be mine. It now sits over my sofa in my apartment. And I still connect with the piece all of these years later.


vintage 1920's framed postcards

Honestly, most of my furniture, clothing, and jewelry are pieces I have collected since I have been able to. They are extensions of me representing my personal style and personality. They tell a story of who I am and where I have been.

Now you should go out and buy what you love!


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