Get it if your Gut gets it- learning to trust your instinct for personal style


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We all know that feeling of buyer’s remorse. That instant gut wrenching regret of purchasing something we know we shouldn’t have.

Today, let’s talk about trying not to do that anymore.

I have previously mentioned trusting your gut as one of the three tips on creating personal style, but a Saturday spent binge shopping inspired me to expand a little more.

This past Saturday I unexpectedly went shopping and found myself in the throws of a mall full of sales calling out to me.

Sales are my weakness. I can’t pass one up and not have a look. What gem could be hidden waiting for me to discover it? This weekend there was a lot. Too much. And if you are anything like me, things suddenly start to look even better when they are reduced by half.

This definitely put to test my “trust your gut” advice.

Let’s repeat it again though, trust your gut. Your instinct is ultimately the only one that matters when making decisions relevant to your personal style.

Making a decision based off of bargain price, public consensus, or any other form of sway is only wise if you are happy with it above your other options.

Example time! Buying a shirt that is only okay because it is on sale is not a good idea. Most likely you will let that shirt sit in your closet collecting dust because you never really feel drawn to wearing it. Or, when you do wear it, you feel a little less awesome than you actually are because you aren’t in something you feel comfortable and confident in.

Also, don’t let loved ones talk you in to or out of a decision you have a strong opinion on. They most likely mean well, but that doesn’t mean their opinion suddenly outweighs your own. If you have been dreaming of painting your kitchen orange. Paint it orange.

Let that inner voice guide you. It is your inner creative spirit wanting to emerge… or something like that.

Meet my purple dresser. It’s awesome.

purple dresser

I bought a dresser at an antique/consignment store several years ago. It had great bones and fit my needs. It’s exterior was in need of a little makeover though.

I set out to my local home improvement store to get a nice neutral shade of grey to paint my new purchase. It seemed like the practical thing to do, but as I was staring at the grey paint chips I remembered that I hate grey. I don’t really hate grey. That’s a bit of an over exaggeration. But I do dislike neutral accessories. It’s great for other people. But not for me.

Suddenly a lovely purple color card struck my attention. Within a 30 second thought process I committed myself to a purple dresser.

purple dresser 2


I have not regretted it once. Honestly, it still makes me happy when i wake up in the morning and am greeted by my glorious purple dresser. It is the statement piece in my room and ended up working well with the drapes and bedding I already had. See last week’s post about going with what you love.

It is actually on the tour when people first come to my apartment. Not like my apartment is big enough for a tour. I just like to show off my dresser.

I feel like I should note that I am writing this wearing a purple hoodie almost the exact same shade as my dresser.

Remember, just because something fits and is half off doesn’t mean it suddenly needs to go home with you. Just because someone told you that a certain color is not in season or in style right now doesn’t mean you can’t get it if you like it.

Your own opinion and gut feeling are ultimately what matters when making decisions.

Let’s all try to make a commitment to trust our gut, our intuition, our inner voice, or whatever you like to call that feeling you get when making decisions. Personally, I call mine my intuition.


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