Why Your Hair Matters


Yes, I got a haircut. I now have bangs and a lot less split ends. Shout out to my girl, Jeanne, at Glo!

You may be wondering why am I telling you this? The answer- hair donation.

Most of the early years of my life I spent in constant turmoil with my hair. I tried adding more curl to my hair by pinning it up every night. The curls got so out of control, that my fourth grade teacher even suggested I pull my hair back after being teased by some of the boys in my class.

Then, I tried straightening it. Enter pyramid poof hairstyle.

I even tried cutting my own bangs at the age of 10. Then hair spraying them back every morning so that my mother would not punish me. Come to find out, she knew the entire time. She just never bothered to tell me because she thought I would come forward and let her know. Yeah, HA!


Then it dawned on me, how fortunate I was to even have these hair issues. A lot of people wish they could complain about what a pain in the ass their hair is.

Thus began my hair donation cycle. My first donation was in high school at the age of 16. Since, I have made 2 other donations, and am planning on doing my next chop in about a year.

It has been a fun process for me because I tend to get bored easily. It has allowed for a lot of experimentation.  Short bobs, almost pixies that resulted in a Jesse St. James esque look in the mornings (I had a small panic attack the first morning, and then I heated up my straightening iron- WHEW), long hair styled various ways, and lots of other in between looks.


The topic of hair donation has become a passion for me. It has not affected me or anyone I know directly, but somehow I still relate to it. I joke all the time about wanting to shave my head, but I don’t know how I would feel if I actually woke up bald one morning.

Hair is something that is linked to a woman being viewed as beautiful. Men like women with long hair. Women covet other women’s hair cuts, color, or style. We devote a lot of time, money and energy to maintaining our hair.

I know that hair is not what makes a person beautiful, but it helps in making us feel beautiful.

On a deeper level I know that beauty is something from within, a light that radiates by the love you share and the good deeds that you do. Yet, a feeling of beauty is something that we connect with on a physical level.

Perhaps this is why this topic speaks to me. I plan to continue donating my hair as long as I can, even though my grays are multiplying on me… It is a little piece of good I can contribute in the world.

There are two groups that I know of that make human hair wigs. They provide the hair pieces at no charge to the recipients.

Locks of Love is the organization I have donated my previous hair chops to. Their recipients are under the age of 18 and consist of both males and females. Most of their receivers are suffering from a condition called Alopecia, but the reasoning for hair loss is not limited to this one ailment.

The other organization is through Pantene Pro-V and is called Beautiful Lengths. I believe this is who I will be making my next donation to. No particular reason. I just want to share the hair around 🙂 Their recipients are women that have experienced hair loss due to cancer.

You can read up on both of these wonderful organizations and how you can help with the links provided. They each have their own set of donation requirements to follow. If you plan to make a contribution, be sure to read up first.

Are there other organizations out there that do similar work? If so, I would love to hear about them!


7 thoughts on “Why Your Hair Matters

  1. You are truly a beautiful person, Erin, both inside and out! I am privileged to call you my friend!

  2. This is a beautiful post. I have actually been thinking about donating my hair lately. I am in the process of growing it out after a shorter cut, and prefer my hair long, but I tend to CHOP it all off in spontaneous moments every few years. The last time I did that it was 9.5 inches. I wasn’t planning on doing the big cut, but afterward I felt guilty for not waiting a little longer and donating it! (The salon I was at told me that it had to be at least 10 inches, and I couldn’t go any shorter.)

    Very inspiring! And you have beautiful hair. I can’t believe you were teased at that young age.

    1. Thank you, Traci. You should definitely think more about donating! Locks of Love does require a minimum of 10″ for their donation, however Beautiful Lengths only requires 8″. That way you can still make a donation, but it won’t have to be so drastic. Unless you want drastic 😉 My last chop went from my waste to a pixie… It was an adjustment.

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