I seriously considered starting this blog post with quoting Adele’s song “Hello.” It would have been fitting. It has been a little while since we last caught up, but I am back now. I hope that is good news to you. If not, I am at least happy to be back.

One thing you may notice is this…

hair donation to beautiful lenghts

I chopped off my hair. In May.

Like I said, it’s been a little while.

You may remember from way back, I do this. I grow my hair out with the intention of donating it. It’s a routine I started in high school and it is something that has remained important to me.

Beautiful lengths hair donation program for pantene

donating your hair to beautiful lengths by pantene

I have had mixed reviews on the new look, but I have enjoyed it for the most part. It is now in the process of growing out, but has been various lengths of short over the summer. My favorite was when it was super short, think Emma Watson short went she went pixie.  Gosh, looking at that picture is making me want to cut it again. She’s amazing, right?

hair donation for pantene beautiful lengths

Right, back to the point.

I do this because I want to help others. This past donation I sent the hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. Their hair donations go towards making wigs for women diagnosed with cancer. I had never donated to them before and felt that I should share the wealth, and I have to say I am so happy that I did!

After donating, I learned that one of my boss’s friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her friend’s diagnosis has now inspired my boss to grow and donate her hair. A few months later a customer of mine contacted me for another project. After the story of me telling her why I cut it, she let me know that she is a breast cancer survivor.

I am sure all of you have several people in your lives that have been touched by cancer. My thought on this is that growing my hair is something that just happens. I don’t have to try. What an easy contribution to make to someone who cannot?

I donated to Pantene this go round and think it’s an excellent program, but there is also Locks of Love, who I have donated all of my previous hair cuttings to. Either organization is helping a great cause. Take a look at either one and think about if this is something you may be interested in trying out. And keep in mind that your chop doesn’t have to be as drastic as mine 😉


2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Hi Erin, I was happy to see a post from you. You are stunning with long or short hair! Thank you for thinking of others and donating your locks. Tiffany

    1. It’s nice to hear that people are excited to read your words 🙂 So thank you, Tiffany! And thank you for the new look feedback! I figure whether it turns out great, good, meh, or I hate it! it will eventually grow back 😉 And in the meantime, someone else who needs it is benefitting from it.

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