Let’s Talk About Shoes, Baby!

favorite shoe brands for style and comfort,

Shoes are one of my favorite things and the subject of today’s musings (please don’t judge all the pictures of my feet, I am already a little self conscious). For as long as I remember I have had an obsession with shoes. I remember being a little girl and dreaming of the day when I could wear high heels with jeans. It would be the best day of my life, or so I thought at the age of 8.

My love of shoes has not tarnished in these 20 years past, but my love for uncomfortable shoes for the sake of aesthetics has. At the age of 21, I had a disc in my back herniate. It happened at work and out of nowhere, and it has changed my view on what to prioritize ever since. My health and everyday living have been affected by this incident and it has taught me to think of function first when getting dressed. I am on my feet almost all day, everyday and find a good support makes a huge difference in maintaining my stamina to continue.

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite shoe brands that balance style AND comfort. This is not a sponsored post and is strictly my own opinion.

  • Nine West
    Prior to my disc herniating I was a loyal Nine West fan, and post injury, I am an even bigger fan. I do not wear heels often, but when I do they are almost always from Nine West. They make a shoe that fits my foot and supports it. They also make heel heights that are actually walkable! A shoe does not need to be 4″ high to be sexy, 2″ or lower looks great too! Thank you Nine West for acknowledging that.
  • Naturalizer
    It is a brand I am just discovering within the past couple of years. Most of my summer sandals are from them. They are able to find a nice balance between a cute looking shoes and a supportive sole.
  • B.O.C.
    Also known as, Born on Concept, is a brand my mom told me about several years ago when I was beginning my search for comfort shoes. The company is a branch of Born, which is dedicated to providing a well made, comfortable shoe. The B.O.C. brand is their more affordable branch, which immediately peaked my interest.
  • Clarks
    This is a great line of shoes. I have 2 pairs of their flip flops, one in brown and one in black. They are incredibly comfortable and are my go to throw on shoe to run errands, traveling, and to wear on days at home when I am sewing. ( I sew standing up, it’s better for my back)
  • SunJuns
    This is the most recent brand I have discovered. It is a brand sold through G.H. Bass and Co. I bought this pair in April and have worn them more than I could have dreamed. They are unbelievably comfortable and supportive, and look good with so many things.

Some of these brands can be a little pricey, so a I trick I have found useful is to shop end of season sales. That would be right now, by the way. Go online or find a store near you to go and check out these brands or any others that you happen to be a fan of. I bought several of the shoes I am showing you today about a month ago for a fraction of their regular selling price.

I would also love to know about any other brands out there that balance the cute and comfortable requirement! Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Shoes, Baby!

  1. Another good thing to do is look for promo codes. For example, I just took your advice, went to the Naturalizer website, found some cute black pumps on sale for $40, then searched for “naturalize promo codes” and found one for 20% off sitewide. Pumps are now $31!

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