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Skirt Fandom

Collegiate Attire,

I am probably a little too excited to share this project with you today! Bear with me.

I love my college alma mater. I always have. Prior to attending and post graduation, I have held my Ragin Cajuns dear to my heart. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is not the flagship school of Louisiana, but in my opinion, it is the  best school in the state. No hate to the other schools intended.

A year ago, my boss and owner of the store I work at took on the project of developing the first ever collegiately licensed ULL fabric. It has been such an exciting project to see develop. We received the first installment of our order a few weeks ago and immediately we all began brainstorming different things we could make with it.

When I say brainstorming, I mean serious brainstorming. One morning in particular stands out. Another coworker and myself  sat drawing sketches and developing different articles of clothing we could make over coffee.  Something to interject here, I love my job. We do this a lot. Coffee, chocolate, and creative brainstorm sessions galore.

Out of this brainstorm session I decided I would make a skirt to wear. Not just a skirt to wear at the games, but an actual skirt I will wear in life, proudly. So today, I share with you my fan-tastic skirt (see what I did there 😉 )

Collegiately Licensed attire

This skirt design was chosen for a few reasons, some of which include: 1. Shorts are more complicated to make 2. A fuller skirt would be more comfortable to wear at the games, than a pencil skirt 3. I like full skirts.

Pockets were added because I believe they are pretty much necessary for life function.

ULL Skirt Design,

This past Friday was the National College Colors Day. Translation: Students and supporters of the university of their choice wear the school colors the first Friday of the Fall session. The goal was to have my skirt finished for this day, and it was, that morning. I wore my skirt proudly all day. That night I even wore it on a dinner date with David and some friends. I may have gotten some looks, but I like to think they were looks of awe and wishing they had something equally as fan-tastic to wear.

Also, in Lafayette, on ALL Fridays, we wear red. You can bet I will be wearing my skirt every Friday. And I definitely thought of Mean Girls when typing that line “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

ULL Collegiate Skirt,


What I am wearing: Skirt is original design, but fabric can be found here,  shirt is Loft and no longer available (similar), shoes are Naturalizer

Let me know what you think of my skirt in the comments below!


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