bloopers from fashion blog posts

This picture sums up everything in my brain when taking pictures for this blog. All kinds of awkward.

I love this picture for how honestly it depicts my emotions. Someone drove up while David was snapping these and this was my immediate reaction.

I have always been uncomfortable with taking posed pictures. It’s awkward. You are trying to look perfect while not looking staged. It’s pretty much ridiculous. Every time I go out to have David take pictures of me, I am constantly replaying Tom Haverford’s words in my head of “Fix your face!” (Parks & Recreation reference, if you don’t watch it, start.)

In general, I prefer candid photos. In honor of this, I am sharing with you some of my favorite real shots from these photo shoots. I was inspired by a fellow blogger, Jana at Life Could Be a Dream, who shares her bloopers every once in a while, as well.

fashion blog post bloopers
“OH! Are we taking pictures? Like, now?”

And now for the hair whipping extravaganza!

blog post bloopersfashion blog post bloopersbloopers from fashion blog post

I tend to start doing weird dance moves during photo shoots. I’m not really sure why, it just happens.

bloopers from fashion blog This picture could easily be my favorite of all time. David bursted out laughing when he saw what he captured, whatever it is I am doing here.

bloopers from fashion blog post

This shoot in particular just produced a lot of gems. Maybe it was the wasp venom, or maybe it was just me being me. Whatever it was, I hope you appreciate them.

blogging bloopers
“I’m just going to get in some quick lunges.”
bloopers from a fashion blog
“Emmm. Hands. What do we do with these, again?”
fashion blog bloopers
“Wellll, then-“

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of awkwardness personified. Let me know what your thoughts on picture taking are in the comments below!


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