Casual Flare


casual work wear

Most days I work from home. Which, for the most part, is a nice luxury.

Lately, though, I have found that I miss wearing regular clothes. That sounds strange. Let me back track. I work from home translates into I wear t-shirts and sweats on the days I stay at home. On fancy days, I may upgrade it to some yoga pants. I do recognize the strangeness in this as I work in design for a living.

I had an internal  conversation with myself over the weekend about starting to wear actual outfits during the work week. I miss wearing my cute things and feel more motivated to actually do work when I have put effort into readying myself for the day.

So today’s look is about the casual work look. Comfortable AND cute. Something I would feel confident wearing in a multitude of settings for work and for life.

casual style to work from home

how to dress for days that you work from home

casual style for days you are working from home

I like this particular outfit because the shirt is a fancier take on a tee and the jeans are ridiculously comfortable (I also got an incredible deal on them, woop woop!) My job requires a lot of physical work and these jeans are so soft and easy to move in. The shirt is flowy and dresses up these jeans without sacrificing on comfort. I also like this flare on flare look. It’s not the typical silhouette I go for, but it just works here.

What I am wearing:

Anthropologie Jeans (similar), Anthropologie shirt (similarsimilar sale), Naturalizer shoes, work bag

Am I alone in this rut of barely getting dressed at home?


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