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pattern mixing for the home

The past few months have been dedicated solely to one job, an entire living space of a house. Next week is the final installation, which means this week has been a little crazy finishing everything up. I will be showing you the finished projects of everything installed, but this week is about teasing you with some of the fabrics 🙂

This particular job has been a lot of fun for me personally. The homeowner has been wonderful to work with and very open to everything I have suggested. The only thing she really asked for was a blending of fabrics on her treatments. No problem! That’s only like my favorite thing to do!

Mixing patterns is something I really love to do. And I think it’s essential when trying to customize a living space. It shows character and intent.

pattern mixing for the home

So many times people think that once they pick one pattern, that’s it. The rest of the room is going to be all solids, or better yet, all beige. No people. No.

In this house I treated 4 rooms that all opened up to one another, a total of 9 windows, and 10 fabrics. And only 1 of those fabrics was a solid.

The key is getting a balance of pattern scales and color. There are 2 dominant patterns in this house that we used as our jumping off point. One is for her dining room drapes and the other is for her wall of windows in her living room. These fabrics are different and stand on their own, but incorporate the same color family and are complimentary to one another.

pattern mixing for the home
living room
pattern mixing for the home
dining room

From there, I just started pulling other fabrics that had similar colors in them in a range of patterns and scale. After playing around with different combinations, the rooms started working together.

A couple of tips for you guys:

  1. Take pictures of different combinations you put together. This will help you be able to go back and easily compare the different looks and ultimately make a decision.
  2. Don’t forget the trim! Trim is like the icing on a cake. It completes the product. There is such a range out there from greek key tapes to full blown tassel trims, there is a look for any taste. This is not the place to skimp. It really can bring an entire project together.

Be excited for the actual reveal of everything! It’s really beautiful, if I do say so myself 😉

What are some of your favorite design mixes right now?


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  1. Hello Erin! Love your blog! check mine when you’ve got time! I’m gonna post more thie next days :*

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