Red and Purple Strike Again!

purple and red color mixing for winter

Last week I found myself in New Orleans, smack dab in the middle of the week, on the coldest day ever. Not really the coldest day ever, but every time I stepped foot outside it certainly felt like it.

I was excited originally for the cold weather because even though I am a southern girl I always enjoy the cold when it makes it way down south. It means an opportunity to wear coats, and scarves, and gloves, and all other good things.

I had planned out my outfit. New red shoes with my warmest coat. My lovely purple coat. And layers. Lots of layers underneath.

playing with color mixture for winter: purple and red

I woke up on the morning of the New Orleans day with a cold. Blerg. For some reason I feel like that needs to be said for this post. Taking these pictures was a wee bit ridiculous because I was being a wee bit ridiculous.

Aside for my general awkwardness in these pictures, I really do love this outfit. I have always enjoyed the color combination of red and purple and I especially love it here with the texture and print element thrown in.

purple and red for winter palette

Also, I am taking suggestions on how to un-awkwardly grow out bangs.

What I am wearing:

New York & Company coat (similar), New York & Company jeans, Very Volatile shoes


3 thoughts on “Red and Purple Strike Again!

  1. red and purple are such an unusual color combination but you wear them really well together! 🙂 i’ve never had bangs, so i can’t give you any suggestions but good luck with growing them out ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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