DIY: Glitter Sneakers

DIY: sparkle sneakers

Today we are celebrating Mardi Gras in South Louisiana. What better way to honor the occasion than with some bedazzling of sneakers?

I got this idea originally from one of my favorite blogs, Merrick’s Art. She did a post on glittering a pair of pumps and it sparked the idea of trying this on a pair of sneakers.

I wanted a pair of sparkling sneakers for Christmas, but couldn’t find any within a reasonable price range. That’s when I decided I would borrow this idea and bedazzle a pair of sneakers myself!

I followed her directions exactly and the shoes came out perfectly!

For a recap, these are the super easy steps:

1. Get materials: shoes, glitter, mod podge, and sponge brush

For my shoes I couldn’t commit to one color of glitter, so I mixed silver chunky glitter and fine gold glitter, with a dash of chunky gold glitter in a cup beforehand.

DIY: adding sparkle to your shoes

2. Coat the shoe in mod podge.

As Merrick suggested, I too worked in sections.

DIY: adding sparkle to your shoes

3. Pour glitter on the mod podged section of the shoe.

Be sure to knock off as much excess glitter as possible. I also followed the tip of working over a paper plate, this does help to eliminate waste.

DIY: sparkle shoes

4. Let dry for 24 hours.

5. Go back over shoes with a sponge brush and mod podge to seal the glitter.

I used her tip of blotting to avoid removing excess glitter and it worked pretty well.

This step does make the shoe look a little weird for a short bit of time. Don’t worry, the mod podge will dry clear and allow the glitter to shine once again 🙂

6. Let dry for another 24 hours, then enjoy!

DIY: sparkle shoes

DIY: sparkle shoes


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