Easy Dress Refashion: Front Pleat

Easy refashion with a center front pleat

This may be the easiest and most transformative refashion I have ever done. So easy in fact that I undid and redid it for this post. Trust me when I say that means something. I loathe redoing work.

I bought this dress about 2 years ago at the wonderful Target for I think somewhere in the neighborhood of  $8. When I tried it on I did not love the fit of it. The shape kind of swallowed me. For $8 though, I decided to try and fix the issue I had with it.

How to refashion a look with a simple pleat tuck

The solution: a pleat tuck that falls exactly at the waist.

This entire process takes under 10 minutes. Seriously, the easiest fix.

1. Turn the dress inside out and find the center of the dress and pin in half to create a fold.

refashion a look with a pleat tuck

2. Find your true waist along the center line and this is where you will want to stitch a vertical line of about 2″.  The amount you take up in the pleat will be determined by how tight you want the dress.

*Note- Your true waist is not your bellybutton. A good rule of thumb to find your waist is to bend to the side and find the crease that is created from that action. THAT is your waist. It should be a couple of inches above the belly button.

3. Flip the dress to the right side and evenly space out the excess fabric behind the pleat line. You will want to stitch in the ditch to secure the pleat down and prevent the fabric from moving.

How to changed a look a with pleat tuck

And that is it. Seriously, that easy.

Easy dress refashion with a front pleat

Dress Refashion with a center pleat tuck

What I am wearing:

Dress (similar cut), Franco Sarto boots, Banana Republic necklace (similar)


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