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Layered Up

My new obsession as of late is layering dresses over a white button up.

It began with my houndstooth dress. The day I premiered the dress it was a bit of a cold and dreary day. I have a tendency to be cold natured and didn’t want to spend my day shivering. Typically people would add a sweater or a jacket for warmth, but I didn’t want to hide my zipper. Priorities. Enter the white button up.

As you can see, it worked out ๐Ÿ˜‰

short sleeve houndstooth sweater dress

At first, I was a little unsure of if I liked the look or not. After wearing it that day though, I realized I LOVED the look. It was ultra comfortable and cozy and added an extra element to the dress. I liked the look so much I wanted to tryย other ways to style the dress and to also pair the white button up with other short sleeve winter dresses that could benefit from an extra layer of warmth.

I tried the combo with my riding boots that I love. It made everything a little more casual and suitable for everyday wear. Accessories. They do magical things.

winter dress with pockets

knit wool dress for the winter with pockets and pleated skirt


original design wool dress with pleated skirt and contrast seaming

I like pairing dresses and skirts during the winter with tights and boots. It goes back to that cozy feeling, which is something I always want when it’s chilly outside. I actually crave cold weather to justify wearing cozy outfits.

I particularly like pairing tights with boots of the same color. It creates a long leg line and a unified look.

I also think keeping the leg line in one color palette is even more important with these looks since I have already broken the arm line with the layer of the white shirt. You don’t want to create too many visual breaks in one outfit or things can start to look a little crazy.

winter layers: sweater dress, white shirt, tights

short sleeve sweater dress layered over button up shirt

short sleeve sweater dress over white shirt

I even took the idea a step further and paired the shirt with a cocktail dress. The tights teamed up with a pair of black heels to keep the leg line long and I added a pop of color in the earring for a little bit of something unexpected.

how to layer short sleeve dresses in the winter

layering short sleeve dresses for the winter

winter look with white shirt layered under short sleeve dress

Now bring on some more cold weather ๐Ÿ™‚ I may be the only one wanting that right now.


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