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Floral Bridesmaid Dress and Ridiculous Faces

You are welcome in advance for the ridiculous faces that I make.

I knew I had a tendency to do this, but considering the last 2 weddings I have been in and the pictures that have resulted out of them, this is apparently a thing that I do, not just a tendency. Enjoy.

I would say I debated about which dress to feature first: mine or Lacey’s, but that would be a lie. Lacey has way more pictures and I was feeling a little tired and decided to tackle the quicker/easier post first.

So here you go!

This is my custom designed bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding.

original design for a bridesmaid dress

I found and bought this fabric while I was still in college 8-9 years ago. I was perusing our local Hancock Fabrics for pretty things and inspiration, as I did at that time in my life for stress relief, when I found this bolt. I bought it all. It was a deal and it was pretty = done.

This fabric made me want to go to an English Tea party somewhere, so I imagined a dress that I would want to wear to such an event. It only took me 8+ years to make it.

original design for a bridesmaid dress

Originally this dress was going to have contrast straps to match the contrast inset. As I started working on the dress earlier this year though, I reimagined it. I added contrast piping instead and made the dress strapless.

The contrast band at the hem was also a new idea and was thought up out of necessity. I knew I wanted a tea length dress. That was a design element I was not willing to compromise on. However, the fabric was only 44″ wide and didn’t allow for the length I wanted when cut on the bias. Solution! Add piping to the hem with banding below to add length. For an accidental design element, I think it looks awesome.

And of course I put pockets. Because pockets are fantastic.

Custom Floral Bridesmaid Dress

There are some other pictures that show the dress a little more, but Lacey is in those. So you’ll have to wait to see more until next time 😉

This final picture was actually of me with Lacey, but I cropped her out to keep the suspense alive. And was mainly included because the face I am making is completely CRAZY and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Custom Floral Bridesmaid Dress

I would like to credit Megan B. Photography with all of these great photos. Just wait till you see Lacey!


4 thoughts on “Floral Bridesmaid Dress and Ridiculous Faces

  1. You and that contrast piping… like a glutton for punishment. But so worth it! It’s like and Erin signature.

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