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The Whole House

One of the most difficult things I find about blogging is naming each post. I wonder if other bloggers struggle with this as well? We are well into the new year at this point and I am finding myself struggling with the fact that it is a new year. 2018 passed like a flash and… Continue reading The Whole House

For the Home

Coordination is Key

I finally made fabric decisions for my master bedroom. It is exciting and relieving! This may seem like a silly statement to make. I do this for a living. Why is this a big deal– I coordinate rooms for people every day? However, as I tell my customers, making decisions for yourself is a real… Continue reading Coordination is Key


My Lucky Jacket

Another appropriate titles for this post would be “Look Ma! Real Pants!” I have decided to remove the past week from the records of my life. It began with me being violently ill and ended with David recovering most likely from whatever I had. That’s love folks. The passage of sickness to your caregiver. Did I… Continue reading My Lucky Jacket

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Pattern Mixing and Wool for Spring

I wanted to get one last wear in of my wool skirt before it would be deemed ridiculous to be wearing wool. Though with the way this winter played out, most of the time it was ridiculous to be wearing wool. Oh well. I paired the skirt with one of my favorite shirts that I… Continue reading Pattern Mixing and Wool for Spring

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The One With All The Fabric

Today is the reveal of the house I have been working on and told you about a couple of weeks ago. Yay! Let’s start in the living room. The homeowner has this beautiful wall of windows and a set of french doors. She wanted privacy, but didn’t want to add bulk to that wall, so she… Continue reading The One With All The Fabric

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The past few months have been dedicated solely to one job, an entire living space of a house. Next week is the final installation, which means this week has been a little crazy finishing everything up. I will be showing you the finished projects of everything installed, but this week is about teasing you with… Continue reading Teaser