Dressing for the Occasion- Jason Mraz

Even fashion proficient people get overwhelmed with what to wear for certain events.

This particular event is a concert with Jason Mraz. Tonight!!!!!!! Bah. I. can’t. even. Words. what. Bah!

Backstory on this is that I was truly in love with Jason Mraz in college. I still think he is one of the most talented musicians around. I have backup support on this from other musically inclined friends. So let’s not even discuss that.

Let’s discuss what I should wear. Part of the enjoyment factor for me of going out to events is getting dressed. That just is. I have specifically given instructions to all the people in my life that would be tempted to throw me a surprise party- NOT TO. I would be very upset. Not knowing and being able to dress for an experience is depriving me of half the fun.

That leads me to today. What do you wear for an event that makes your insides giddy with anticipation?

Exact text quote with my friend, Lauren, who is treating me to this concert for my birthday (I love you!) 😀

Me-“This is the way my brain works. I immediately started thinking of what I would wear. What is appropriate for Jason Mraz at 30?!”
Lauren- “No for real I did the same thing”
Me- “…This is why we are friends”

Getting ready for Jason Mraz circa 2008
Such babies! With a ballon animal from Justin Kredible- the magician.

We saw Jason Mraz when we were mere pups at 21, I was going on 22, but let’s not age me quicker than need be. I wasn’t too worried about what to wear at that point because I was just coming off of a severe injury of herniating a disk in my back. I started walking just 2 days before the concert. So my bigger concern at that time was, you know, moving, and stuff.

Then I saw him again at Jazz Fest. That was fine and everything. But I mean, you are camped out in a field in the beating South Louisiana sun for hours. Looking really good isn’t super high up on the priority list. I think I had stripped down to a tank top by the time he went on. Don’t judge.

I feel like this is my opportunity to really dress for the experience. This concert is exactly 1 week before I turn 30, something I have been dreading since I was 12. This concert is symbolic of me moving into my true adulthood with my best friend of forever and our new lives with our new beaus in tow for the ride. Get ready, boys. It’s about to get real.

So how do you dress for an experience that represents something huge to you? You may be thinking of a wedding right now as an example of a huge experience. I am removing that because a wedding is in a league of it’s own. It already comes with guidelines of appropriate attire- a badass white dress. Power to you if you broke that mold and did something else! Actually, if you are one of those people I would love to hear about it- email it or tell me in the comments below.

I am talking about the everyday big events- like a party, a concert, a performance that you are in or someone you love and support is in, or any other experience that carries great weight and meaning to you. For me, this would be this concert. I vacillated between a dress that I made or a top that I made. My common theme for memorable moments is wearing something I made, it adds value to the moment for me.

What to wear for events that are significant

What did I land on? I went with making a top. A hot pink, cheerful, peter pan collard top. Typically hot pink is not my color of choice. However, I have some on hand and why not try something unexpected for a coming of age dressing event?

What to wear for events that are significant

What to wear for events that are significant

If you are faced with a similar dressing dilemma in your life, I am going to give you some advice. Wear something that elevates you. Something that makes you feel beautiful and confident. Comfort should also be a big factor. If you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing that projects in how you carry yourself. You will not only feel uncomfortable, but also look uncomfortable. Double whammy of bad.

So dress on people. Dress with meaning and purpose in your life.

I will be back with pictures of the completed shirt from the concert. Be prepared for ridiculous faces.


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