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Hot Pink Summer Tunic (Original Design)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s let these snaps do the talking.

summer tunic with peter pan collar in hot pink

hot pink, cotton tunic for summer. with peter pan collarpeter pan collar tunic in hot pink

2016 Jason Mraz concert

Jason Mraz concert in Lafayette, LA
The boys were able to handle us!

On Tuesday, I fan-girled a post for you guys. Thanks for bearing through that.

The concert was flawless. It was the way I had always envisioned and wanted to see Jason Mraz play. I still don’t believe that it was real.

My shirt, I don’t know if I would call it flawless, but I would call it cheerful. I felt unique and yet, appropriate for the occasion. In my book, I would call that a success. I almost wanted to wear the exact same outfit again on Wednesday. Relive all the good energy and confidence from the night before, but alas, my sniff test got the better of me.

summer tunic in hot pink with peter pan collar

I kept the design simple and just added feminine details. That’s how I like most of my designs- simple.

I wanted this shirt to be easy to wear, so I made it a slip on tunic with no closure. And I layered the design elements of the peter pan collar and front pleat for depth and to frame out my face. Also, I have been a little obsessed with peter pan collars. I have even designed out a cocktail dress with a peter pan collar detail (to come later).

And well, the scallop hem was just for good fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a scallop hem? If you don’t, you may be in the wrong place.

hot pink tunic with peter pan collar shirt in cotton

And on a styling note, how much do you love these turquoise earrings paired with this hot pink? My mom gifted them to me this past weekend, so I got to break them in rather quickly. As a general rule I love turquoise paired with almost anything. It adds such a breath of fresh air to a look. As does white pants.

And I’ll leave you today with this gem from Jason’s trip to Lafayette.Jason Mraz in Lafayette, LA June 2016


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