Least favorite trend for spring/summer 2016
Is it a skirt with a wings? Is it a shirt? Who knows!

I would not classify myself as a trendy person. I dislike trends. They strike me as wasteful. A waste of your hard earned money, a waste of materials, a waste of effort. It was actually this dislike of trends that attracted me to fashion. That may seem a little contradictory. Stay with me. I disliked trends so much that I wanted to counter trendy fashion with timeless fashion. Fashion that held with you season after season. Making it easy to go into your closet and find something flattering to wear time after time.

This season I have a particular dislike for the off the shoulder trend. This look is literally EVERYWHERE. I hate it. Not really. That’s harsh. I strongly dislike it.

It requires special undergarments. It is impractical. I find it to be unflattering. And worst of all, it will be so 2016.

Wearing a strapless bra is something I try to avoid at all times. I have issues with keeping them in place. This coming for a woman that doesn’t have too much to support in the first place, so I can only imagine the struggle for you ladies rocking the curves I always wanted!

Where is exposing bare shoulders acceptable for the everyday woman? Someone please tell me this. I can come up with a dinner out and some free time frolicking. Which is great! You rock your bare shoulders there. But let’s be real. That is not most women. These other bloggers showing this as anytime wear seems crazy to me. I can’t see any office thinking bare shoulders would be appropriate work attire.

As for the look being unflattering. Just look at a picture of someone in one. Most of the ones I have seen create a weird saggy situation  in the underarm/boob region and the look is usually very un-defining. I say this as someone who likes a structured look. So if the undefined look is your thing, you may disagree with me here.

The worst culprit of all is how dated this look will be. Trends like this do not stand the test of time. You will spend your money on a shirt, a dress, or maybe even several variations of this trend and wear them a handful of times and then toss them out by the end of the year. Such a waste!

favorite spring/summer trends of 2016: longer hems, espadrilles, and wide leg pants
asos dress, Toni Pons “Breda” Sandal (nordstrom),

Invest your dollars into looks that are going to be with you for a while. It stretches your dollar and you will always look back on your photos and think “Man, I look good.” rather than “What was I thinking!”. Not to mention how easy getting dressed will become. Your wardrobe will build on itself instead of needing to be overhauled every season.

A few things I am really liking about this season are:

1. The longer hem lines. I just lengthened some of my pieces this weekend.
2. Espadrilles. These are a return from the past couple of seasons, which makes me like them even more. Timeless footwear is always a win. I will be looking for some this coming weekend on my trip to Houston.
3. Wider pant legs. To clarify, I have always enjoyed a wide pant leg. They are so comfy and 40’s chic. This doesn’t mean I’ll be chunking my skinny jeans though. There is place in the closet for both!

What are some of your have or have not trends for this year?


8 thoughts on “Off-Trend

  1. Thought provoking post Erin. I cant say I ever know whats trendy or in season etc….I just wear what makes me happy. Before sewing I used to uave very tightly defined ideas/beliefs about what fits me and doesnt e.g. I had been raised to believe that high waisted skirts or trousers were so terribly old fashioned and very unflattering so I just never ever bought anything with a high waist: but then I really liked the look of the Hollyburn skirt and it took me a long time to get past my preconceived notions (that were given to me) before finally giving in and buying the pattern. I made it with the intention of being an around the house skirt but I was very surprised to find it suited me😃. It was for me the first in a journey of realising that I have never explored styles and silhouettes in the past. Now that I make my own my clothes I am as adventurous as possible – some things work out and some dont but I love the challenges.😘

    1. I think the best thing anyone can do is to dress for themselves and be happy! Ignoring trends whether by choice or just happenstance is the best way to do that. You don’t get confused about what you truly like or what you think you should be wearing because you see everyone else wearing it.
      I have to say I am thankful to my parents for encouraging me to do just that. They never really put parameters on what I could or could not wear and it let me just play and find things that suited me. So I am sorry that you were put in a box and not really allowed to explore your individual style. But high five on letting go of those notions and moving forward. Your style is absolutely amazing now. I love seeing your beautiful creations everyday! So you keep doing you!
      And I love the length of your comment 😉

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