Let’s Take A Tour

The proper way to begin our home makeover journey is to show you what we’re workin’ with.

The stats:
3 bedrooms
1 bath
Detached laundry/ utility room combo
1375 square feet
enormous yard

Our little ranch has a lot of charm. It has it’s original hardwood floors (albeit in rough shape), a great layout, and lots of potential for growth. It lacks a second bathroom, which I thought was a requirement. It also has a detached laundry/utility room combo, which I absolutely hate. Oh. And paneling. Lots of brown paneling. However, I still fell in love almost instantly. I called David within 5 minutes of walking in and told him he had to see the house that day. We put an offer in later that night (after much pep talk and coaching from my parents).

So here we go…

Kitchen-We apparently forgot to take any real before pictures. Probably because it was in pretty good shape and at the bottom of our project list. Except for closing up this ridiculous opening into a bedroom.


Living/Dining- Paneling. All the paneling. Brown on brown on brown. And yes. The window treatments came with the house. SCORE!


Bathroom- Nice size, but not well utilized. And this wainscoting. I just. I can’t. Oh, and the only outlet is located in the mirror.


Bedroom 1- Big! Not a good color for this room and sheetrock was in rough shape. It also came complete with a kitty door. We are not cat people…


Bedroom 2- Big! The hardwoods are actually in pretty good shape because they had been covered with carpet that got removed right before we bought the house.


Bedroom 3- Medium sized. Great closet storage. And perfect for my home office/ workroom. But let’s not leave out the real star of this room, the paneling.


There you have it. Our little house from day 1. You may be distracted from the time warp it still lives in, but we saw and still see the potential it holds. Most of the work we anticipated would be cosmetic, but we’ll go over more of the game plan next time!




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