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Coordination is Key

I finally made fabric decisions for my master bedroom. It is exciting and relieving! This may seem like a silly statement to make. I do this for a living. Why is this a big deal– I coordinate rooms for people every day? However, as I tell my customers, making decisions for yourself is a real… Continue reading Coordination is Key

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The Completion of My Twirly Dress (original design)

You may or may not remember this sketch from almost 2 years ago… Well guess what? I finished it. Mic Drop —> Very aware that was not necessary or very well placed, I say weird things when I get excited. I actually finished the dress last year for my birthday, but I took a rather… Continue reading The Completion of My Twirly Dress (original design)


A Tale of Design

This story is one that is strange to tell. It started hopeful and ended with failure… sorry to blow the ending. Several years ago, 2009 to be exact, I began a business. The business idea was simple, make beautiful clothes and sell them. How could it go wrong?! Not being ready is the easiest answer I… Continue reading A Tale of Design



The idea of opinions has been weighing on my mind lately. Everyone has one, I think we all know the saying “Opinion are like assholes, everybody has one.” This got me thinking of why you, the readers of this blog, should listen to or trust mine. I am not going to answer this by justifying my… Continue reading Opinionated

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Skirt Fandom

I am probably a little too excited to share this project with you today! Bear with me. I love my college alma mater. I always have. Prior to attending and post graduation, I have held my Ragin Cajuns dear to my heart. The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is not the flagship school of Louisiana,… Continue reading Skirt Fandom

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An Original Design, My Twirly Dress

This past year I decided I needed to start dedicating more time to personal projects. My table cover project that I shared with you last week was 1 of 2 I’ve done this year. Both projects have been for my apartment though. And while I do love this kind of work, my main love is… Continue reading An Original Design, My Twirly Dress