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Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot

Before delving into this post, I want to start by giving respect to the bloggers that make their photoshoots look good. You know the ones. They look stunning and confident walking down a street with sunglasses and purse in toe, onlookers don’t even phase them. Teach a class on how you do this. I would… Continue reading Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot


These Boots Were Made For Walking

This past weekend was the first true glimpse of fall we have had in South Louisiana, and it was glorious. And just in time for boot season! That’s right, I consider the seasons according to my footwear and accessories. It is now officially boot and scarf season, people. And I am pumped! I actually had… Continue reading These Boots Were Made For Walking


2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle

I have had this dress for 8ish years. You could say it’s a favorite. It’s just this past year that I found I was reaching for it less than usual. Then I realized it was due to the length. I no longer desired the longer length, it was proving to be less flexible in its… Continue reading 2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle