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Erin Li-Sik and the Blustery Photoshoot

twirly wool skirt

Before delving into this post, I want to start by giving respect to the bloggers that make their photoshoots look good. You know the ones. They look stunning and confident walking down a street with sunglasses and purse in toe, onlookers don’t even phase them. Teach a class on how you do this. I would take it.

This shoot proved a challenge. I was being awkward, that’s a given. The wind was being forceful. And my confidence of how to do these things was missing for the day. The whole time I just thought of Winnie the Pooh and his challenging day in the blustery weather. I understand you, Pooh.

Thankfully this skirt is cut on the straight of grain, or what was a difficult shoot would have quickly turned into an indecent shoot.

Wool skirt in tan

This skirt. I made this skirt. And I love this skirt.

I particularly love it with neutrals. I think I have only worn it with neutrals actually. Which is odd for me. I tend to gravitate toward more colorful combinations, but for some reason this skirt is just extra yummy with winter white and black.

original design twirly wool skirt

On that note, can we talk about brown and black together? I think it can be a really beautiful combination when done with intention. Honestly, I think almost anything can be great as long as there is always intention behind it. So get to mixing your neutrals people! It a sophisticated color palette that immediately makes you look like you know what your doing.

original design tan wool skirt

Back to this skirt. It’s a fun length, not long or too short.  I can wear things tucked in (as seen here) to show off the exaggerated waistband or I can wear it with a sweater left out for a little bit more casual look. It’s appropriate for day or evening events- it’s been worn to work and this particular outfit was for an evening viewing of “The Nutcracker” with the ladies of my family. Shout out to my soon to be niece, McKenna!

tan twirly wool skirt

*Just a note for any of you seamstresses out there: The secret to this twirly skirt without too much twirl is cutting the skirt on the straight of grain. The pattern has the fullness worked into it, but by cutting it on the straight of grain it keeps the fullness a bit more tailored than if it had been cut on the bias. A great thing for windy days 😉


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