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Home Project- Turning a Workspace into a Fashionable Piece of Furniture


www.erinsnotions.comThis weekend I got crafty. Not that that is unusual, as being crafty is kind of my profession.

I should amend this statement to, I got crafty for a personal project!

Always exciting, as I rarely get to make something for myself. Doesn’t the saying go, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”?

With the long weekend I made it a personal goal to make a table cover for my new work station.

I recently got this worktable after a recommendation from my boss. Finding a big enough surface to work on projects is a constant struggle.

Turning workspace in presentable decor


Turning workspace into presentable decor 2










My boss recommended this table from Joann’s. It has wings that can fold up for a large workspace, and then fold back down for easier storage. It’s great for its function, but not so easy on the eyes.

This was something my boss had informed me of and gave the suggestion of making a cover for it when it was not in use. Hers is acting as an entry table in her den.

I live in an apartment and have no den, so I decided a side buffet table would be perfect for my needs.

I would be lying if I said I got the table for just the function of additional workspace. I was just as excited at the idea of being able to add a new decorative item in my dining area. I had been wanting a buffet of sorts for a while. I thought it would add to the aesthetics and be great for function when having guests over.

So the table was got!

And this is the result!

I love this fabric. It’s dual sided, which is always a great feature. It allows for fun play of design, which I incorporated in the finishing details of the hem, piping, and covered buttons.

I knew ahead of time that I wanted the hem and piping to be the opposite side of the fabric. It would be a waste not to incorporate the duality of the fabric in the design. The covered buttons were a last minute add, however.

The project just didn’t seem finished at first. I slept on it, and the following day decided to try pinning together the side pleats. That’s when it struck me to add the buttons! Once those were put on, it was complete!

I love how this came out! It has added an extra pop to my dining area and conceals an eyesore that has been glaring at me for over a month.



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