1 Dress, Styled Day to Night

It is a personal goal of mine to wear only one outfit per day. I hate the idea of having to change and dirty another outfit for just a few hours of wear. Most likely, I will spill something on myself in those few hours. Removing the possibility of re-wearing that outfit. This is just my life.

This idea inspired today’s topic. One outfit, styled throughout the day.

I usually plan out what I am going to wear the night before. I base that decision off of the entire day’s events: work, meetings, evening plans, or whatever else could be going on.

This past Saturday, my plans included going to the farmer’s market and grocery shopping in the morning, and then meeting up with friends for drinks in the evening. The goal, 1 dress for the entire day.

Mission accomplished.

I picked a dress I have had for years. It is comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile in its styling options.

For the morning, I paired it with my pair of purple vans and sunglasses (no need for makeup, HOLLER!). Keeping it simple, I chose not to wear any jewelry because it is just so hot outside right now. Even at 9 in the morning. I find jewelry in this humidity just sticks to you and becomes uncomfortable.

For the evening, I added a cardigan and bronze flats. Even though it is still hot outside, we would be inside and I ALWAYS get cold. I rarely leave home without a cardigan.

I layered two necklaces and paired them with a chunky bracelet and one of my staple rings.

I wore my glasses, but in all honesty that was not a decision based on styling. It was a decision based on being a little lazy. I took a nap earlier in the day and didn’t feel like putting my contacts back in. You glasses/contact wearers out there know how it goes.

Style choices should be something that comes out of function. Base your decisions of what to wear on the occasion and your comfort level. From there you can accessorize.

What I wore: dress (similar), vanscardigan (similar), flats





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