The Creative Closet, Pattern Mixing

how to style mixed patterns

Today, I’m mixing it up. Pattern style!

That sounds cheesy, let’s attribute that to an awesome Harry Potter pun list I recently read.

Mixing patterns is one of my favorite things to do. I love color. I love fabric. I love playing with design. I guess this is why mixing different patterns together is something I really enjoy doing.

This subject was already on my list of topics I wanted to talk about. However, the ladies at Life Could Be a Dream and The Modern Tulip are the real reason for today’s post. They created The Creative Closet as a way to get bloggers to post their take on a fashion prompt each week. I think it’s kind of brilliant and decided to take part this week. Especially since this week’s topic is one of my favorite subjects, mixing patterns!

Working within proper scale and color palette is the trick to getting pattern mixing right.

There should be one dominant pattern, as seen with my floral skirt. Then a coordinating, smaller scale, pattern to play off the colors of the main print.

The colors don’t have to be an exact match! This is a personal mission of mine, to let the world know that you don’t have to exactly match everything. As long as the colors are complimentary, you should be good.

Then just have fun with your accessories!

I kept mine to a minimum, with statement earrings. They, too, are within the same color family. I didn’t feel like this outfit was in need of any more color, because I already had a lot going on.

Let me know how you guys like to play with different patterns!

What I am wearing: Shirtskirt (similar), shoes (similar), earrings (similar)


18 thoughts on “The Creative Closet, Pattern Mixing

  1. This outfit is FABULOUS! I absolutely love the it. You look really classy, but your outfit is bright and fun at the same time. Nailed it! Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  2. Thanks for freeing my mind in that patterns can be complimentary! Love those earrings by the way!

  3. This is a FUN outfit! I love the pattern of the blouse. You’re far more adept at mixing patterns than I – this looks so well put together but breezy as well.

    1. Thank you! I actually questioned getting this shirt at the store, but am so happy I did. It is crazy comfortable and just helps to make me look put together when I may not really feel it.

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