A Little Bit Vintage

vintage dress twirl,

If there is one thing to know about me, it would be that I love all things with a story and history behind them. I am a total history nerd- I am currently reading 2 books about historic figures. Nerd. I proudly accept and own this title.

This is why I could not pass up the chance to once again link up with the ladies of Life Could Be a Dream and The Modern Tulip, that host The Creative Closet! Also, it was a lot of fun the last time I did it.

This week, the prompt is “a little bit vintage”. Ummm, yes please! As stated above, I love old things. This extends out to my wardrobe more so than anything else. I think my purpose on this earth is to reincarnate the style of the 1950’s woman. Not really, but looking at my closet would probably make you think that.

how to wear vintage,

At first, I thought deciding what to choose would be difficult, but then I remembered my 3 dresses given to me as a gift from a friend. If you remember, I talked about these dresses before for my birthday. They are incredibly special to me, as my friend entrusted her mother’s garments to me to care for and enjoy.

So today, I bring to you a second vintage dress. I will find a way to show the third, no worries there!

vintage dress,

vintage dress for modern day,

This post has also inspired an idea of how to care for vintage items. Be looking for that 🙂

I love the femininity and put togetherness that vintage dresses possess. You put one on and instantly you look glamourous. Look at the lace detailing of this dress! They just don’t make dresses like this today. Sometimes though, they can  come across dated, so a good way to make a vintage piece look more relevant for today is to accessorize with modern jewelry. It adds an updated feel.

wearing vintage lace,

A note to add, the photo shoot for this post proved to be a challenge. Before 1 picture was taken I got stung by a wasp, which resulted in me passing out in the parking lot. Holler! For overdramatizing a situation and having a panic attack. Not really. It was not fun and I scared David. However, it resulted in a search for a non grass photo shoot location and I think the pictures turned out pretty good considering.

wasp sting for the blog.

What I am wearing: dress is vintage, naturalizer shoes (similar), I picked these earrings up from a designer on the streets of new york

Let me know what your take on wearing vintage is in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “A Little Bit Vintage

  1. That dress is AMAZING! Wow! You look just stunning in it! I love pieces that have history behind them. My wedding ring isn’t new and I always wonder who it belonged to before it found it’s way to me.

    Also, I’m so sorry you got stung! That isn’t any kind of fun at all!

    1. Thank you! Oh, estate jewelry pieces are the best! I bet your ring is gorgeous and you can think of all the good years you are adding to its history 🙂
      And you are right, wasp stings are absolutely 0 fun. I am finding a couple of scrapes on myself today for my fainting session. The things you do for your blog…

    1. Thank you! The pleating is really cool! I have worn it before but I was just noticing during the photo shoot how intricately the pleats are pressed in. It’s super cool and I have never seen a technique like it before.

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