DIY: Bootcut to Skinny Leg

how to make your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans

I have owned these white corduroy jeans for a while. Through the years I have loved them in their original state of bootcut, but I recently decided I wanted some white skinny jeans that I could wear during the fall with boots, or anything else I choose. Thus, we have a tutorial on taking your bootcut pants to a skinny leg!

To be honest, this is the first time I have done this to a pair of pants. I wouldn’t say it was a piece of cake, but it was simpler than you may think.

1. Cut off the existing hem.

I knew the pants would need to be hemmed. I wasn’t really sure how much, so I just decided to cut off the existing hem, rather than rip it all out and probably end up cutting off that much anyway. It ended up being just the right amount to get an ankle pant.

how to make your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans


2. Taper the leg.

I started on the outside leg and used a ruler and water soluble pen to draw a line from the bottom of the waist band to the base of the pant. I originally just tapered down to 1 inch and stitched.
Then, I tried the pants on to get a better idea of where I needed to taper. I decided to go to the inside leg and taper off starting from the inner thigh. I used a ruler again to draw a line down to the base of pants, 2 inches in. I then repeated that on the outer leg  and stitched along both lines.
This ended up being the perfect amount, so I then serged off the excess fabric.

How to turn your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans

3. Finish the pants with rolled hem.

Instead of redoing the hem with a rolled 1 inch hem, I decided a simple 1/2′ hem would look better for this style of pant. Once the hem was in place, the pants were complete!

how to make your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans

how to turn your bootcut jeans into skinny jeans

Let me know of any tips you may have for other pant refashions!


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