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The One With The Dumpster Sofa

I did not technically do any dumpster diving to get this settee, none the less, I still retrieved it from the side of a dumpster. I can only imagine that the Dumpers were too tired after a day of cleaning out to actually heave the settee into said dumpster. To them, I offer my eternal… Continue reading The One With The Dumpster Sofa

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Floral Refashion

I can’t believe I am showing you this. This dress is from my senior line in college. I do not like it. That being said, I am in love with the fabric. It was love at first sight with this embroidered silk. I bought it and then sadly turned it into this unfortunate dress The… Continue reading Floral Refashion


A Refashion Inspiration

I don’t think I have expressed my love for thrifting before on this blog. So here it is, I love thrifting. For me, thrifting started out of a need to furnish my apartment on the cheap, but has grown into a bit of a passion. Obviously saving money is a HUGE benefit, but I like that… Continue reading A Refashion Inspiration


Easy Dress Refashion: Front Pleat

This may be the easiest and most transformative refashion I have ever done. So easy in fact that I undid and redid it for this post. Trust me when I say that means something. I loathe redoing work. I bought this dress about 2 years ago at the wonderful Target for I think somewhere in… Continue reading Easy Dress Refashion: Front Pleat


Sweater Dress Refashion

Hi there! It’s been a little while. I have some updates on my end. David and I are now married! Eeeek! Worry not, there will be posts to follow that have pictures and more details. I doubt you were actually worrying, but anywho. Now on to today’s topic, this sweater dress, or sweatshirt dress. I… Continue reading Sweater Dress Refashion


DIY: Bootcut to Skinny Leg

I have owned these white corduroy jeans for a while. Through the years I have loved them in their original state of bootcut, but I recently decided I wanted some white skinny jeans that I could wear during the fall with boots, or anything else I choose. Thus, we have a tutorial on taking your… Continue reading DIY: Bootcut to Skinny Leg


2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle

I have had this dress for 8ish years. You could say it’s a favorite. It’s just this past year that I found I was reaching for it less than usual. Then I realized it was due to the length. I no longer desired the longer length, it was proving to be less flexible in its… Continue reading 2 for 1: Refashion & Restyle