Sweater Dress Refashion

Hi there! It’s been a little while. I have some updates on my end. David and I are now married! Eeeek! Worry not, there will be posts to follow that have pictures and more details. I doubt you were actually worrying, but anywho.

Now on to today’s topic, this sweater dress, or sweatshirt dress.

sweater dress refashion- defining the waist

I picked this dress up at Target in October for a STEAL! I thought it was a little long and a little shapeless though (I have a tendency to buy things I am not 100% content with when they are super cheap), so I decided to alter it at the waist to add some definition and take up some length.

I created a drop waist by simply folding up 2 inches of fabric a few inches below my natural waist and stitching in a seam to hold in place.

You can see that I didn’t pin following the stripe. I did that on purpose so that the waist would stand out a little more. If you wanted a more tailored and discreet effect you could line the stripes up evenly.

sweater dress refashion with drop waist

The finished product came out perfect in my opinion!

It is a little shorter and has a little bit more shape, but still fits loose enough to be comfy and casual.

sweater dress refashion with drop waist

sweater dress refashion with drop waist

sweater dress refashion with drop waist

What I am wearing:

Target Dress (unfortunately it’s not on sale anymore), Nine West booties (similar), necklace (in lapis)



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