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Bridal Brunch

Bridal Brunch

It occurred to me today that my bridal shower is this weekend and I have yet to share anything from the wedding! And yes. That’s how we roll, wedding events after the actual wedding. Tradition is not really our thing.

Our wedding took place quickly after our engagement for several different reasons. Which meant that during that time, David, myself, and family were a bit swamped with just taking care of the logistics of the actual wedding. Hence my delayed bridal shower and the subject of today’s post, my semi-surprise bridal brunch.

I am blessed to have what I lovingly refer to as, a gaggle of girlfriends. They planned a brunch for me that I am so incredibly grateful for. I was asked for availability and from there just told what time and where to show up. That’s my kind of planning!

It was a wonderful morning and a welcome reprieve from the stress of wedding preparation. I got to eat yummy things, drink a mimosa (or a few), and enjoy the company of these lovely ladies. They also prompted the photo shoot for the blog.

I wore a skirt I made for the brunch. It’s a fabric I instantly fell in love with. The metallic, the pattern, the texture! It’s all just goodness to me. I made this skirt years ago and knew I definitely wanted to wear it for the this occasion. Sparkle should be worn for all special events in your life. That’s my motto anyway.

These are just a few shots of me awkwardly opening presents. Does anybody else not know how to pose for these sorts of things?

Bridal Brunch attire

Bridal Brunch

We then moved outside and asked a nice stranger to take these awesome pictures. We started with a nice standard smile pose. Then it was suggested we do a “stank face” shot. I may or may not be known for doing this on a regular basis. However, I will say, several of the girls outstanked my face.

Bridal Brunch

Bridal Brunch

The conclusion to our photo shoot were solo pictures that I needed helping readying myself. Again, I was being a little bit ridiculous.

Bridal Brunch

Bridal Brunch

That brunch was such a wonderful morning for me. It was simple and easy and relaxing. All the things I needed at that moment in my life. Thanks to all of these lovely ladies for making that a special day đŸ™‚ And also for being my photographers and stylists for the morning. And driving me home.


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