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Original Dress Design

original red dress design with pleating details

I have had this post planned for about 4 months… oops. Better late than never, right?

This dress is one of my favorites. I designed and made it a few years ago, and it is still a piece that I love because of its comfort and ease of wearing.

It’s bra friendly, yay!
Long enough to cover up.
Loose enough to not have to worry about foundation garments.
The color is stunning.
Oh. It also has pockets.

original design with pleating detail
I wore this dress for a Chinese New Year gala. Red is an important color in the Chinese culture. It is used as part of the celebration during Chinese New Year to symbolize good luck. That made my decision for what to wear pretty easy!

When designing anything I like a tailored and feminine look that incorporates clean detailing. That is what I tried to achieve in this dress. The lines are classic with pleat detailing around the entire neckline for interest and pleats at the waist to add controlled fullness. I added piping under the bust line and at the waist line for another touch of understated detail. The slight v in the back was to add a little “wow!” factor without compromising the ease of wear.

full pleated skirt with waist inset and pleats at neck

original red dress design with back v detail

There are also pockets. All good things have pockets. That’s my philosophy anyway.

Let me know about some of your favorite design elements in dresses!


7 thoughts on “Original Dress Design

    1. Dear Caitlin, you are right. Erin’s Notions has a cute face. Cute girl in gorgeous red color dress. Red color is important in Chinese culture? I did not know. I have learned new things from your article. Thank you, dear.

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