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Up until recently I would have classified myself as a Christmas Scrooge. I thought the holiday was too commercialized, too rushed, too chaotic, and my list would have gone on forever. I hated Christmas music, except for N’SYNC Christmas. But I listen to N’SYNC Christmas year round so that doesn’t really count.

But now, I am finding so much happiness within the Christmas season. I think it has to do with the twinkle lights. I wish it was acceptable to leave a Christmas tree up all year. And that it would live long enough for that to be an option.

I am currently writing this while sipping on a cup of hot tea, in a Christmas mug, while sitting next to our Christmas tree that is covered in handmade ornaments from friends (thanks Christina, Voldemort still takes center stage on the tree), my late grandmother, and my mom. I guess you could say my Scrooge days are behind me. Looking at those personalized little gifts of love remind me that someone took time to make something lovely and share it with me.

As David and I were unpacking the ornaments and sharing stories over them this year we realized that we should do this! We should make ornaments for others and ourselves. As pretty as designer trees are with there perfectly wrapped ribbons and garlands I still don’t think they shine quite as bright as one covered in memories of loved ones.

We are starting a new tradition this year! We will be making a new ornament on Christmas day this year, and if it catches on, all the years that follow.

So, here are some ideas of how to make your own ornaments and memories to share with others and yourself 🙂

    In Lafayette, we have a wonderful place called, Clayfish Bisque. They allow you to pick from all sorts of items to paint. Once you are done painting your masterpiece they will fire and glaze it for you.
    I painted coffee cups for my coworkers a couple of years ago and still can’t figure out a gift better than that to give them. Is it okay to continue giving people the same thing over and over?
    You can achieve a similar affect by getting a plain ornament at almost any store and adding your personalization on top.

    This is what we are planning to use this year. A dear friend of mine made Harry Potter characters (see below) out of felt for me a few years back. There are no words to describe how awesome they are.
    The great thing about felt is it is sturdy and can be used flat or you can make 3D objects out of it.
    We found this website that inspired us to go a little crazy at Joann’s in their craft section.ideas on how to make your own Christmas ornaments
    Try getting a piece of wood and cutting it into different shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles, and painting different things on them: Santa, snow covered house, a Christmas Tree.
    If you are really ambitious, you could try more elaborate shapes, like a snowman!
    This would be for people who actually know how to crochet.
    All of the ornaments from my grandmother are crocheted and they are just absolutely incredible! We have pandas, ice skates, different types of bells, and a dream catcher. They are little works of art.personalize your Christmas with homemade ornaments

I would love to hear about any other ideas you have!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you all feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling 😉


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