My feelings at this moment are readiness.

I wrote about not believing in clean slates for the start of each year at the beginning of 2015. I guess the beauty of posting your words on the internet for all to see is to be able to completely contradict yourself later.

I am ready for 2016. Or rather, I am ready for 2015 to be over.

In all honesty, it has not been my best year. There has been more than enough stress, chaos, and sickness and I am ready to move past it all and start fresh. And I seem to be surrounded by people in similar boats.

I am ready for new ideas, new projects, more exciting challenges, more finished accomplishments, more quality time with loved ones, and just a lot more goodness.

This is me, putting out into the universe, good vibes for the new year. For everyone.

I’ll wrap up my well wishes for the new year with this picture of our handmade Christmas ornaments from Friday and a few things on the horizon for 2016.

DIY felt Christmas ornaments

The ornaments come to you courtesy of my niece, McKenna (turtle), David (reindeer), and myself (snowman) 🙂 (I would say the ornament making was a big success!)

2016 GOALS
improve posture
start yoga
worry less
save more
learn French
make beautiful things (see below)

make sister’s wedding dress
make mom’s mother of the bride dress
make bridesmaid dress
trip to Mauritius

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!



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