A Refashion Inspiration

I don’t think I have expressed my love for thrifting before on this blog. So here it is, I love thrifting.

For me, thrifting started out of a need to furnish my apartment on the cheap, but has grown into a bit of a passion. Obviously saving money is a HUGE benefit, but I like that it adds a story to your life. I have a piece of furniture sitting in our living room that I picked up at a dumpster. Yeah. You read that right. And it will probably make its way on to this blog, because I think it is pretty awesome and it has a great story to go with its beautiful aesthetics.

I really liked this post by Rashon Carraway on The Good Life Blog. His whole post is about reimagining goods when you are thrifiting. When you see a curtain panel, a sweater, or even a beaded dress it can be reimagined into something else. Brilliant! Bedazzled pillows? Come on! Does it get better than that?

If you can’t find what you are searching for in the home section, head to the women’s department. Some dresses have enough fabric to create a very unique pillow.  This option is also great because you can often look for style you would actually wear and bring that style directly into your home.


How about turning this vintage glittery sequin cocktail dress into a chic pillow?

turn glittery dress into home pillow


Maybe you want something a bit more cozy?


– See more at: http://blog.goodwillsc.org/create-your-own-custom-pillows/#more-7524

You can check out his full post here.

I know I was originally pulled into this post because of the sparkly pillows, but I really love the idea behind it. It is something I had not considered before, which is a little embarrassing to be honest. Look for pretty fabric on clothes and refashion them into accent pillows in your home. So innovative, and crafty, and smart, and frugal, and all the other good things!

I think it would even be a great way to reinvent a sentimental piece, like a favorite jacket that doesn’t fit anymore. Whip that bad boy up into a pillow. Or say you have several articles of clothing from a loved one that you can’t wear. How about reimagining them into part of quilt! The possibilities are endless.

Now get out there and find awesome bedazzled dresses to turn into pillows! And please share any other great ideas of how to rethink your thrifting finds.


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