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Floral Refashion

I can’t believe I am showing you this.

This dress is from my senior line in college. I do not like it.

refashion floral dress

That being said, I am in love with the fabric. It was love at first sight with this embroidered silk. I bought it and then sadly turned it into this unfortunate dress o_O

Floral embroidered silk

The construction was pretty great though…

I say “was” because that dress is no longer in existence. I have ripped it apart and decided to turn it into this sketch. That fabric is too amazing to be sitting in a closet not being worn.

New dress with floral silk

All I can thank past me for is how I made the skirt. I literally cut a straight rectangle and gathered it at the top (part of why it doesn’t look so hot). But! It allows me to work with practically untouched fabric. No weird shapes to consider, just a perfectly rectangle piece of fabric. As if I had just purchased 2-27″ cuts of fabric. Thank you, 21 year old Erin!

My main obstacle at this point, if you even want to call it that, is deciding what color to make the bodice. My gut tells me fuchsia, it’s just a difficult color to find. I believe my backup plan will be to use the yellow again.

I have nothing against the color combo of the first dress, I just happen to hate the silhouette design. Those petals at the neck… they were a pain to make and the payoff was not worth it.

This new dress will be sleeker in design to let that amazing fabric do all the talking! It will also have pockets, because, why not?


2 thoughts on “Floral Refashion

  1. I remember this dress! I think it’s adorable, but if you want to blame it on something, blame it on the sleep-deprived hours we spent in the studio sewing our hearts out.

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