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Hi, It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you. 90’s music reference anyone? Anyone? That song may or may not have been my jam at one point in my life. Anyway… Life has been very full since we last chatted, hence my hiatus. That fullness has been a mix of a whole lot… Continue reading Project- Home


The Louisiana Flood of 2016

This post is a mixture of heartbreak, awe, gratitude, and pride. This past weekend my hometown and state were devastated by massive flooding. South Louisiana is underwater and the news is not covering it. I have out of state family that was not even aware of the crisis situation that southern Louisiana currently finds itself… Continue reading The Louisiana Flood of 2016

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Wide Leg, Long Leg

I have always been a fan of a wide leg. I mentioned earlier this week how it is a “trend” I am actually on board with. It reminds me of Katherine Hepburn. Who doesn’t want to look like Katherine Hepburn? Timeless, effortless, chic style that channels one of the most badass women of the 20th… Continue reading Wide Leg, Long Leg



I would not classify myself as a trendy person. I dislike trends. They strike me as wasteful. A waste of your hard earned money, a waste of materials, a waste of effort. It was actually this dislike of trends that attracted me to fashion. That may seem a little contradictory. Stay with me. I disliked… Continue reading Off-Trend

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Wear a Dress if I Want To, Take 2 (Original Design)

You may remember from 2 years ago about this tradition of mine. I wear a dress or a skirt on my birthday. Always. Every year. Because I want to. Birthdays are kind of a big deal in my opinion. They celebrate another year of someones existence and contribution to this world. I think that’s pretty… Continue reading It’s My Birthday and I’ll Wear a Dress if I Want To, Take 2 (Original Design)

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Hot Pink Summer Tunic (Original Design)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, let’s let these snaps do the talking. On Tuesday, I fan-girled a post for you guys. Thanks for bearing through that. The concert was flawless. It was the way I had always envisioned and wanted to see Jason Mraz play. I still don’t believe that it was… Continue reading Hot Pink Summer Tunic (Original Design)


Dressing for the Occasion- Jason Mraz

Even fashion proficient people get overwhelmed with what to wear for certain events. This particular event is a concert with Jason Mraz. Tonight!!!!!!! Bah. I. can’t. even. Words. what. Bah! Backstory on this is that I was truly in love with Jason Mraz in college. I still think he isĀ one of the most talented musicians… Continue reading Dressing for the Occasion- Jason Mraz